How To Select The Best Golf Training Aids To Improve Your Game

Posted by Rosella Campbell on July 06, 2014  /   Posted in Golf

Since most golfers do not have regular access to a putting green on which they can practice their game, it can be very useful for them to have another way to improve their playing skills. Fortunately, there are many handy golf training aids on the market that golfers can use at home or on the golf course to help them perfect their game play.

There is a wide selection of effective training aids on the market today, each designed to help the golfer perfect a specific skill. Some of these devices work by imposing proper posture and technique, while others provide visual guidance. A few of these aids can be used indoors as well, allowing for year-round practice.

An alignment aid is made with the purpose of assisting the golfer in recognizing the manner in which he or she is positioning the club during a swing. Some alignment aids attach onto the head of the club and work by means of pressure sensors, while others such as alignment sticks consist of a pair of rods made from fiberglass that are placed on the ground and generate visual guidance for several types of swings.

Another way one can use an aid to improve his or her swing, is to weight the club. This can be achieved by using special training clubs which have been weighted appropriately, or simply by attaching a weighted or some lead tape over the head of the club. Doing this can give the golfer more accurate control over the swing.

Swing trainers are also popular tools that many golfers like to use to develop a stronger swing. Some are made to correct one’s posture, and others are intended to improve arm strength and balance. There are swing trainers that work by making a clicking sound when the golfer has carried out a proper swing, and some that work off of air resistance to improve strength, as well as those which are fashioned after a standard golf club but are designed to develop balance, tempo, and arc.

Other golfing aids help people putt better, evaluating the squareness, direction, and form of their putting. Some are adjustable machines which work by giving golfers visual and tactile guidance that will help them learn to putt like the pros. Putting balance mirrors, and alignment stick attachments can also be used as visual reference for putting.

Setting up a golf net where one intends to practice whether indoor or outdoors is a good way to keep track of balls and ensure that they don’t get lost or damage another’s property. Also, lightweight practice balls, which are made from plastic and have holes in them, are great for practice, and a ball retriever bag can make collecting them after use on the putting green much easier and faster.

One of the best ways for a golfer to learn the proper way to swing, putt, etc., is to watch others. There are some very comprehensive instructional DVDs and illustrated guidebooks that can be used for this purpose. Professional instructors give demonstrations that people can watch and practice until they master the skill. These presentations are also usually full of helpful tips and pointers that golfers can use to improve their game.

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